AOL spent 35 per subscriber to send out millions of CDs in

first_imgBack in the 90s, AOL, then known as America Online, sent out what seemed to be billions of free promotional CDs to practically every person in the country. Urban legend suggests that an astonishing ten percent of the Earth’s mineral resources could be reclaimed if those landfilled CDs were recycled. Alright, we’re making up that statistic, but still: AOL undeniably sent out a lot of CDs.Here’s the question, though: how much did AOL pay to bombard every citizen in America with dozens of plastic discs? The answer, according to one-time AOL CEO Steve Case, is a bigger number than we would have expected: “about $35 per user.”According to an answer Case posted on popular Q&A site Quora:“I don’t remember the total spending but do recall in the early 1990s our target was to spend 10% of lifetime revenue to get a new subscriber. At that time I believe the average subscriber life was about 25 months and revenue was about $350 so we spent about $35 to acquire [subscribers].” That’s not to say each disc cost $35, just that the complete cost of all discs, plus postage and marketing, was $35 per subscriber. The number shrinks substantially once you consider all of the people who didn’t describe.Make no mistake, though. This strategy paid off. According to Case, “ When [AOL] went public in 1992 we had less than 200,000 subscribers; a decade later the number was in the 25 million range.”And a decade after that, it’s probably back down to 200,000. Zing!Read more at Quoralast_img read more

Star Wars Bluray Available for PreOrder

first_imgDarth Vader took time out of his busy rebellion-crushing schedule today to help Fox announce the availability of all six Star Wars movies on Blu-ray. Starting today, fans will be able to order both trilogies. The movies will hit store shelves in September of this year.The films will be available in three configurations: Star Wars: The Complete Saga (all six films on nine discs) for $139, the original trilogy (Episodes IV to VI) for $69.99, and the prequel trilogy (Episodes I-III) also for $69.99. AdChoices广告last_img read more

Kinect hack will turn you into a Japanese superhero

first_imgForget the games that Microsoft is releasing for their new Kinect motion accessory for the Xbox 360. None of them are really worth bothering with. Hacking the Kinect itself, though, has proven to be a game in itself, though.We’ve seen a lot of good Kinect hacks lately, but this latest hack by YouTube user hogehoge335 might be one of the coolest ones we’ve seen yet: it allows hogehoge335 to turn into the classic Japanese superhero Ultra Seven just by stepping in front of his computer.Okay, sure, the costume’s a little simplistic, but it’s really hogehoge335’s arsenal of moves that impresses us… and that neat little fight at the end of the video is a pretty cute flourish in and of itself.Best of all, you can try it yourself! This Kinect hack will only work on a Windows PC, and it’ll take a beefy computer to run it: hogehoge335 is running a Windows XP Pro PC with an Intel Core i7 CPU and GeForce GTX 285 GPU.If you feel like turning yourself into a Japanese superhero, you can download the code right here from Google.Read more at Technaboblast_img read more

Courtney Love Insults Designer on Twitter Gets Sued

first_imgThere are some things you can always count on. Things like Courtney Love. She may clean herself up and become a “serious actress” one minute, but you can bet that, like clockwork, she’ll be back to that old, loveable, mic throwing Courtney the next. You see, her methods of delivery may change over time, but the message will stay the same.Love and fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir have been having a Twitter fight–and by “Twitter fight,” I mean, of course, that Love has been yelling at Simorangkir on Twitter. The parties have been fighting over a $4,000 payment, and Love has taken her message to the microblogging site, calling Simorangkir a “drug-addled prostitute,” a “nasty, lying, hosebag thief” (hosebag?), and a “52 year old desperate cokes ass [sic].”Oh, and it gets better–she’s also threatened the designer, stating that she would wind “up in a circle of corched eaeth hunted til your dead [sic, sic, sic].” Her one women screaming campaign has also lead to posts on MySpace and online craft storefront Etsy.Simorangkir fired back in 2009, with a suit against Love, featuring 20 some pages worth of examples. Not above personal judgments of her own, the libel suit says that Love has “drug induced psychosis, a warped understanding of reality, or the belief that her money and fame allow her to disregard the law.”Love attorney James Janowitz, is taking a strongish stand on the matter. “We don’t believe there’s any defamation, and even if there were defamatory statements, there was no damage.”last_img read more

Miyamoto and Iwata Next 3DS will have 3D video camera

first_imgEvery Nintendo handheld console has gone through numerous iterations within a generation. The original GameBoy had the GameBoy Color, the GameBoy Pocket and the GameBoy Light; the GameBoy Advance had the GBA SP and the GBA Micro; the Nintendo DS had the DS Lite, DSi and DS XL. The Nintendo 3DS might not even be released yet, but it will be no different. A year or two after the 3DS’ debut, a successor device will come along with a new feature, and it looks like Nintendo’s executives might have already figured out what that new feature is going to be: using the 3DS’ 3D-capable camera to take 3D videos in addition to 3D photos.The rumor comes from the mouth of Super Mario Bros creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself, who dropped a hint in an official Nintendo interview with president Satoru Iwata that the camera could be developed into a full 3D video capturing device. Miyamoto’s suggestion was then countered by the Nintendo prez saying that it would be a good addition to a future version of the 3DS.So there you have it: looks like the next 3DS model is already being worked on. I wonder what they’ll call it. The 3DV, perhaps?Read more at Tech Radarlast_img read more

Murata Leaf Grip remote twists and bends to change channels

first_imgWe’ve seen a lot of cool gadgets coming out of CEATEC 2011, an annual consumer electronics trade show in Japan. So far we’ve been impressed by Sharp’s 4K television and NTT DoCoMo’s radiation-monitoring smartphone case. Another neat development being demoed at the show comes from Japanese tech company Murata. Murata, along with Kansai University and Mitsui Chemicals, has come up with a buttonless remote.A lack of buttons usually means touchscreen navigation, but not in this case. The device, which works with TVs and other electronic appliances, is controlled by twisting and bending a thin piece of piezoelectric film. Currently a prototype, the device is named “Leaf Grip Remote Controller.”The transparent film remote can be used continuously without need of batteries. Instead, it has a photovoltaic cell that converts light into electricity.As you can see from the diagram above, to change the channels you simply have to twist the plate. If you want to switch the input from your Blu-ray player to your Xbox, just twist the plate rapidly. To adjust the volume, all you have to do is bend the plate. Bending the plate quickly, or holding one end and lightly shaking it, will turn the power on and off.It’s a really cool concept, but it’s clearly not very practical to be used as a TV remote. You need both hands to control your TV with the Leaf Grip Remote Controller, which means you can’t hold a beer or a slice of pizza in one hand while you control the remote with your other. And since there aren’t any buttons and there isn’t a touchscreen, you have no way of programming your TV or doing anything other than the basic tasks mentioned above.Still, the technology could potentially be used in other more practical ways. Now, Murata just has to figure out what those are.Read more at Murata, via Engadgetlast_img read more

Amazons biggest Cyber Monday 2011 deals

first_imgCyber Monday may not incite hysteria quite as much as Black Friday does, but the online shopping day can still bring steep discounts on popular products. If you’re curious what the biggest online retailer has in store this year, these are the highlights from Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals.Xbox 360 holiday bundle w/Fable III and Halo Reach – $200It doesn’t include Kinect, but this is a big price drop on the Xbox 360 system. Halo Reach and Fable III are old titles to throw in, but when you’re paying $200 for the console with two games, they will suffice.46 inch Sony Bravia 1080p KDL46BX420 HDTV – $693This isn’t as dramatic a discount as some of the Black Friday HDTV deals that customers camped out for, but a 46 inch 1080p Bravia for under $700 is an offer you can’t refuse.Amazon also has the same TV with a 40 inch display for $578, and a 32 inch display for $448.Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 or PS3 – $40Amazon is cutting $20 off of the suggested retail price of Battlefield 3.Batman: Arkham City for PS3 – $52This is a minor discount, but it is $8 less than what you would pay for Batman: Arkham City in a retail store. You also won’t have to pay tax in most states.Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5V 10.2MP camera – $200The high quality cameras in smartphones like the iPhone 4S, Lumia 800, and Galaxy S II are making point-and-shoots obsolete. However, those who still want a non-DSLR dedicated camera will like this offer. The Cybershot DSC-HX5V, which has a wealth of innovative features, normally sells for $150 more than this.last_img read more

Leaked Windows 8 screenshots confirm Aero Glass is dead

first_imgNot all Windows features stick around forever, it seems. And with the venerable old Start Menu already put out to pasture, it was much less surprising to learn that Microsoft was also pulling the plug on Aero Glass. Although it’s still on by default in the Windows 8 Release Preview, Glass was due to be uprooted by the time the RTM arrived this fall.Based on some new screenshots that have appeared on, the process is well under way. The colors and appearance window has lost its transparency checkbox, and the color swatches are now single-color swatches with no faux-gloss effect.  Fortunately, if you’re not a fan of the pastel-ish default choice, the color intensity slider and color mixer remain intact so that you can fully customize the look of your desktop.The goal, of course, is to impart a somewhat Metro look to the legacy Windows desktop. The overhaul isn’t complete, of course. While Aero Glass is gone and window chrome and certain UI elements have been changed, many of the default Windows icons haven’t been redone.Whether or not those details will be given a Metro make-under for the RTM remains to be seen. Based on the fact that the up arrow in Windows Explorer has finally been switch from the glossy, blue version seen in the Windows 8 previews, there’s a good chance Microsoft’s simplified design language will overtake Desktop mode, too.If you’re not happy about the death of Aero Glass, have no fear: it’s only a matter of time before third-party apps will surface that allow you to resurrect it.More at Winunleakedlast_img read more

Bethesda is offering a DOOM pewter miniatures set for 200

first_imgFew game franchises have been as consistently loved over the years as DOOM. Even with years in between installments, fans still can’t wait to get their paws on a new DOOM game. in typical fashion, DOOM 4 has been in development for a long, long time, but you can tide yourself over with these nifty pewter miniatures of all your favorite DOOM monsters from Bethesda. The first run is already gone, but you can sign up for email notifications. Even at $200 these miniatures are hot.There are 15 miniatures including all the classics — the cyberdemon, Arch-vile, Hell Knight, our anonymous protagonist, and all the rest. These miniatures are re-castings of a set originally sold by Reaper Miniatures in the late 90’s. Those sets were never widely distributed, and were never sold all together. These new sets come as a package deal with all 15 miniatures and are identical to the originals except for the updated stamp on the bottom.DOOM is an id Software franchise, but Bethesda’s parent company bought it a few years back. Thus, all id games are now published by Bethesda. That’s why you’re paying Bethesda $200 for DOOM pewter miniatures — and you are going to pay them, right? Okay, $200 is a little steep, but the originals aren’t easy to find these days. individual pieces are often listed for sale at $20-100. So you can consider this a bargain, if you need a justification. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY FullFullCarrying case and full setDemonsDemonsDoom ScaleNext to a quarter for scaleHeroHerocacodemonCacodemonCyberdemonCyberdemonSpiderdemonSpiderdemonStampBase StampCarrying case and full setlast_img read more

Michael HealyRae on ticket touts Do it the Al Capone way they

first_img MICHAEL HEALY-RAE has called for people who sell on tickets for significantly more than their face value to be taxed on their profits, during a debate on ticket touting in the Dáil yesterday.Late last week, the government announced the launch of a public consultation on the resale of tickets for entertainment and sporting events.The announcement came in the wake of tickets going on sale for U2′s Croke Park gigs this summer, which sold out in minutes but then appeared for sale online for prices as high as €1,000.Speaking at the time, Minister for Enterprise Mary Mitchell O’Connor said: “We share the public concern at the resale of tickets for major events at inflated prices.”Kicking off the debate in the Dáil yesterday, Fine Gael TD Noel Rock put forth draft legislation that he had devised with Independent TD Stephen Donnelly that they feel would address the problem.The measures include: limiting the number of tickets an individual can buy, using the original debit or credit card on entry to a venue, and match the name on the ticket to a photo ID.Donnelly raised concerns at the speed at which tickets went for sale at far higher prices on a website called Seatwave, which is owned by Ticketmaster who were the primary seller of the U2 tickets.He said: “[Ticket touting] is an organised industry with potentially very serious profits, bulk purchasing tickets from a monopoly seller.”Independent Kerry TD Healy-Rae then weighed in, citing the upcoming Coldplay concert where tickets with a face value of up to €144 are being sold as high as over €600.“This is nothing short of ridiculous and the worst form of ticket touting,” he said.After Donnelly expressed concerns around a lengthy consultation period, and pressed the government to take action in the short term, Healy-Rae made a suggestion for another manner in which touting could be tackled.He said: 12,724 Views By Sean Murray Michael Healy-Rae on ticket touts: ‘Do it the Al Capone way, they got him on taxes’ TDs urged action to prevent exorbitant ticket touting in a Dáil debate yesterday. Jan 25th 2017, 7:44 AM When the US authorities were unable to get Al Capone for murder, they got him for taxes. Are those who are involved on a professional basis or otherwise in ticket touting in Ireland paying tax on their exorbitant profits?“I suggest that if we cannot get them in one way, we might be able to get them in another way. This is terribly important because it is wrong for people who want to go to a sporting event or a concert to be fleeced and robbed in this fashion.“It is another form of daylight robbery.”Minister Mitchell O’Connor appeared to rule out any swift action on the issue, however, with the public consultation set to go ahead as planned.She said: “I understand the reasons they and the public are anxious to see action on this issue. If legislation is to be introduced to regulate ticket resale, an established procedure must be followed.“In Ireland, as in other countries, public consultation is an integral part of the impact analysis process. It is relatively easy to enact legislation, but it is more difficult to ensure that legislation will be effective.”Read: U2 tickets sold out in minutes this morning – but are already being sold for €1,000Read: Ticket touting for sports and music events could be coming to an end TD Michael Healy-Rae Image: Wednesday 25 Jan 2017, 7:44 AM TD Michael Healy-Rae Image: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 47 Comments Share125 Tweet Email Short URLlast_img read more

Careful out there Motorists urged to watch out for flying debris in

first_img Feb 2nd 2017, 5:01 PM By Rónán Duffy Share49 Tweet Email We urge everyone to respect the water at all times and to keep safe and remind people not to underestimate the distance waves can travel up the beach or harbour wall. Although it can be tempting to get close, it isn’t worth risking your life to take photos or to dodge waves. Source: AA Roadwatch/Twitter CORK CITY: Restrictions lifted at Georges Quay, Lapps Quay, Wandsford Quay, Sharman Crawford St following flooding.— AA Roadwatch (@aaroadwatch) February 2, 2017 Flood warnings had already been in place in parts of Cork due to high tides and restrictions had been put in place but have since been lifted.The spring tide warning remains in place, however, with sea levels at their highest at 9pm this evening and will be 8.00am and 9.30am tomorrow morning.Read: Wind warning in place for the whole country >Read: Heading outside today? Bring an umbrella > A tree that fell on a car in Rathfarnham in Dublin. No injuries were reported. Source: TheJournal.ieTHERE’S A STATUS yellow wind warning in place across all Irish coastal counties today with gusts of up to 110 km/h to be expected.Motorists in particular are being asked to exercise caution and be aware of the danger of flying debris.Met Éireann says the winds will reach mean speeds of 55 to 65km/h and will continue into this evening. Winds will be strongest on eastern and southeastern coasts as the day progresses.The wind will be matched by prolonged periods of rain, again most notably in the east and southeast.The RNLI and Irish Coast Guard have also warned people to stay away from the water in seaside areas to avoid the risk of a sudden gust sweeping people into the sea.“Irish weather can be unpredictable at the best of times and our lifeboat crews have answered many call outs where people have been caught out by the weather unexpectedly taking a turn for the worse,” according to RNLI’s Gareth Morrison. Careful out there: Motorists urged to watch out for flying debris in high winds Gusts of up to 100 km/h are being predicted. 16 Comments 17,183 Views Thursday 2 Feb 2017, 5:01 PM Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

My baby was never going to look into my face or yawn

first_img ON THE 19TH of March 2014 I spent 12 hours with my fourth baby and the person that would change my life.I was 22 weeks pregnant when we found out that Grace was terminally ill. She had thanatophoric dysplasia.This condition is a skeletal disorder. At 23 weeks Grace’s development was more like a 12 week baby’s. The fatal part of this condition is because the chest cavity doesn’t grow big enough to fit the heart and lungs.After birth, when babies try to inhale for the first time, my baby girl would die immediately as her chest cavity would crush her lungs. I’m sorry if this upsets anyone reading but unfortunately you cannot pretty up this condition.I couldn’t bear this to happen my babyMy dad had died two years previously from lung cancer and I watched him take his last breath. How could I watch my tiny baby struggle to breathe and then pass away? I couldn’t.I asked when I would be induced and my consultant sympathetically told me they can’t induce early if there is no risk to the mother. It’s against the law in Ireland.My baby was dying, her movements were weakening and she would inevitably die from respiratory failure. But this wasn’t enough to stop her hurting anymore. I had to be at risk.I was at risk everyday. I was at risk when I met people asking if I had my bits bought for the baby, asking how long I had left and how the twins must be excited for a baby brother or sister.I would nod and smile, knowing the baby in the bump they were admiring was not going to be sleeping in her brother’s moses basket. I spent four weeks nodding along to people’s excited questions.I was slowly losing my mindI couldn’t be induced at home with my family around me. We travelled to Liverpool on Paddy’s weekend among hen parties and revellers.We arrived at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where the midwives took over my care. They were angels to me and my little girl.I remember saying to my husband that morning before the final scan, they may have made a mistake in the two hospitals we were in in Ireland. We might get good news.The professor scanned me for over an hour and he confirmed the diagnosis, along with the devastating news that Grace’s lungs were no longer in her chest cavity. He couldn’t find them, so they were either crushed already or hadn’t developed. I knew having an early inducement was 100% the right thing to do at that moment.Grace’s birthAfter 36 hours of an agonising labour, pain I would gratefully repeat over and over again, Grace arrived silently into the world at 4.45am. She was stunning, the most beautiful little angel, with a button nose and chubby cheeks. She had dark hair and gorgeous plump lips.Her face was perfect and her body was tiny. She was so peaceful. I have never experienced feelings like that before. I was holding my child but she was never going to look into my face, or yawn or cry for food. She was still.We held her all day long and talked about what life she would have had. A priest came and gave her a little blessing.We named her Grace Saoirse because she was free. We had a nap that day with her beside us and dressed her in a beautiful outfit the midwives gave us. The outfit I had brought was way too big. ‘My baby was never going to look into my face, or yawn or cry for food. She was still’ Grace was with me for just 28 weeks. She was diagnosed with a fatal fetal abnormality but she left me with a lifetime of love, writes Tracey Smith. Mar 26th 2017, 7:30 PM 58 Comments Blogger, Mum’s Makeup Bag Sunday 26 Mar 2017, 7:30 PM Short URLcenter_img By Tracey Smith Share1984 Tweet Email2 1,101 Views Saying goodbyeWe were booked to fly out the next morning. The hospital had a little nursery made up for Grace. It had a cot and a dressing table, teddies and a beautiful mural of angels on the wall.After we said our goodbyes, we placed her in her cot all wrapped up cosy with her teddy. My midwife came in and took over looking after her.I sometimes can’t believe I actually had to do this. I had to leave my baby in another country.Grace’s funeralWe arranged Grace’s funeral, the prayers and the music I wanted played. It took place in a church in Liverpool. The priest who blessed her said the mass and a midwife attended. We couldn’t go because we simply couldn’t afford to.I had to wait three weeks for Grace to come home. Her ashes arrived by courier.A man knocked at my front door with my daughter’s remains. Did I actually have to sign for my daughter’s ashes like an order from ASOS?The next few months were a blur. I can still feel the pain and darkness of those months, the feeling of drowning and anger. I still go through these feelings, but I’ve learned how to control them and cope with them.Grace’s ashes sit on a shelf in our living room and we bring her into our bedroom at night. There are photos of Grace in every room of our house. I sleep with her teddy every night.Grace is part of our familyGrace is very much part of this house, like any of the other kids. Unfortunately due to the cruelty of this country none of her family could meet her and say goodbye.She blessed us with Callum almost a year after she passed. She gave me Callum when I didn’t even realise I needed him.She’s my motivator, my soul, my heart, my courage, my bravery and my eyes. She’s changed the way I look at things. I’m not the same person I was before Grace. I miss that Tracey but I’m learning to love the one I am now.This is Grace’s story. She was with me for just 28 weeks but she left me with a lifetime of love.Tracey Smith is a mum of five kids. She recently returned to work in marketing after being at home with her children for seven years. She blogs at Mum’s Makeup Bag. Aodhán Ó Ríordáin: ‘It’s time Irish people stood up against racism. We were the terrorists at one time’>‘Syrians are increasingly likely to opt for a strongman like Assad, capable of bringing stability’> Tracey Smith Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

1800 extra police officers to carry Tasers amid increase in violent crime

first_img Share2 Tweet Email Image: Harriet Line PA Wire/PA Images 1,800 extra police officers to carry Tasers amid increase in violent crime Knife crime offences have risen by 24% in London in the last year, compared with 2015-2016. By Órla Ryan Short URL Jun 20th 2017, 11:59 AM 6,410 Views center_img ADDITIONAL POLICE OFFICERS in London will be trained to use Tasers, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has said.An extra 1,867 officers will be equipped with Tasers to “better protect the public and officers from the threat of violent incidents”.This will bring the total number of officers trained and carrying Tasers to over 6,400.This decision has been taken by Commissioner Cressida Dick following an increase in violent crime, including knife crime, as well as a steady increase in the number of assaults sustained by police officers in recent years.Knife crime offences have risen by 24% in the last year, compared with 2015-2016. Assaults against officers have also increased from 2,211 in 2014 to 2,486 in 2015 and 2,676 in 2016.Commissioner Dick said: “Keeping the public safe from harm is at the heart of our job … My officers will be better equipped to protect the public and themselves. We know that the mere presence of a Taser is often enough to defuse a dangerous situation and often get a suspect to drop their weapon if they’re armed.Taser reduces the need for physical contact and also the risk of unintended or unnecessary injuries to all parties. With the roll-out of body worn camera to every uniformed officer, the public can also rest assured that the use of Taser is correctly recorded and monitored and that the use of it is subject to comprehensive scrutiny.Over the past three years, the vast majority (87%) of occasions where a Taser was drawn have been resolved without the officer having to discharge it, meaning a violent or potentially violent situation is deescalated and brought to a swift conclusion.Body cameras In a statement the Met Police said all officers have to go through a selection and training process to ensure they are “equipped with the right aptitude and skills” to use Tasers on the front line.All use is strictly recorded and monitored both within the Met and independently by the Home Office and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.In addition, every uniformed officer carrying a Taser will be equipped with a body camera by the end of 2017, giving further transparency to how it is used by officers. Figures on its usage on every London borough are also published on the Met’s website every three months.The new initiative will begin over the coming weeks and the training programme is expected to take around two years.Westminster Last Friday, police tasered a man who reached for a knife outside the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.Eniola Mustafa Aminu, 27, from Greenwich appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday. He is charged with possession of an offensive weapon and assault on a constable in the execution of his duty.He was remanded in custody to appear at the same court today following a mental health assessment.Comments are closed as a man has been charged.Read: Man tasered by police after reaching for knife outside Houses of Parliament at Westminster No Comments Tuesday 20 Jun 2017, 11:59 AM Police detain a man outside the Palace of Westminster last week Image: Harriet Line PA Wire/PA Images Police detain a man outside the Palace of Westminster last week Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Greek set for key EC post

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Ruling PASOK deputy Maria Damanaki was last week nominated European commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, a key portfolio in Brussels with particular interest for Greece, where commercial shipping makes a significant contribution to the economy.Damanaki, who entered Greek politics after playing a leading role in the student resistance to the junta in the early 1970s and joined socialist PASOK after a brief spell as chairwoman of left-wing Synaspismos in the early 1990s, was named as Greece’s choice for commissioner earlier this week. But her nomination to a specific portfolio, along with that of another 26 others from the other EU member states, was announced last week by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.If Damanaki’s nomination is approved by the European Parliament in January or February, the 57-year-old would then take over from Maltese Joe Borg, who has held the post for the past five years, and become Greece’s new representative in Brussels, replacing Stavros Dimas who has been Environment Commissioner since 2004.Addressing a session of ruling PASOK MEPs at Zappeio Hall in central Athens last week before the news of her nomination, Damanaki stressed the importance of reforms to the EU ahead of the scheduled enforcement next month of the Lisbon Treaty, which aims to streamline the workings of the EC and raise its profile on the world stage. “The EU needs a new reformist agenda aimed at ensuring its economic survival, preserving common values and boosting its relationship to citizens,” Damanaki said.Commenting on her nomination, Stavros Lambrinidis, the head of PASOK’s group of MEPs in Brussels, said Damanaki was “the personification of knowledge and respectability.”Meanwhile Dimas, stressed the importance of all countries doing their bit to curb the carbon dioxide emissions that boost global warming. “A global effort is needed to reduce emissions by 2020 and to avert an increase of 2 percent in average temperatures,” Dimas said, noting that developed countries must reduce their emissions by 25-40 percent and developing countries by 15-30 percent.last_img read more

Mum please send me to Greek school

first_imgPort Adelaide Greek Cultural School opened its doors to the Greek community in the 1960s and, unlike most ‘ethnic schools’ in Australia, its student enrolments have been increasing annually far beyond expectation. Last year in particular, the school witnessed a 40 per cent increase in enrolments, raising the number of children from 100 to 140, at all levels from Reception to Year 12 (SACE). “Parents bring their children to our school because they recognise the importance of learning the Greek language and culture,” says school principal Helen Iliou, who last year replaced retiring principal Andreas Botsaris, after 30 years of teaching and leading the school. “As for the increase, that’s a result of the collaborative effort of all past and present principals as well as staff,” she says, “who have always worked as a team towards a common goal − to preserve the Greek language and to keep our culture and heritage alive not only for our children but also for the generations to come.” The school operates with eight experienced Ethnic Schools Accredited teachers who are passionate about teaching children the Greek language and culture, two dance instructors and parish priest Reverend Father Ioannis Choraitis, who teaches religious studies.“Everyone is dedicated and committed to building the best possible learning opportunities for our students, both in and out of the classroom, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such a diverse range of teaching resources available for the children to use on a weekly basis,” continues Ms Iliou in an interview with Neos Kosmos. As part of the curriculum, the school provides many educational and social programs that involve students in many cultural activities and keep things exciting and interesting, encouraging them to participate in the classroom.The students of Port Adelaide Cultural Greek School actively participate in all the major cultural events of the community, whether they are contests, school activities or dance performances. “The extracurricular activities are absolutely crucial in keeping the children’s interest alive, but what is also important is that our children learn the language and culture through building lifelong interpersonal relationships among each other. We particularly encourage the idea of friendships and a sense of belonging,” says Ms Iliou.According to the principal, herself an old scholar from the age of seven, keeping the heritage and language alive reinforces the child’s sense of identity.“Children benefit tremendously from learning to value their roots and their culture. They should be taught that we are all different and that differences must not only be accepted but also celebrated. “Their culture and language is something they have to take pride in and use in order to communicate with their grandparents and their extended families who can only speak their native language. That’s how family bonds are strengthened. “Furthermore, people who are bilingual have a great advantage over people who only know English. Learning the language gives children better opportunities for studying, working, travelling and succeeding in their professional life,” Ms Iliou continues. Funded by the government and supported by the Parish of the Nativity of Christ and a number of tireless volunteers who continuously offer their time for the benefit of the children, the school is certainly one of the very few in demand (Greek schools) in Australia.“What’s the secret?” I ask. “I don’t believe there is a secret,” she says.“Where there’s a will there is a way and ultimately it all comes down to how much you want it. “At the end of the day, it all depends on the importance a family places on the preservation of its ‘Greekness’. If parents work hard at home and the educators put their love and heart in what they teach in class, then the children will feel safe and eager to learn and flourish within a ‘family-like’ school environment.”The school’s challenge from here onwards is to continue to maintain the wonderful reputation it has built through the hard work of all involved. “Everyone who has been involved at Port Adelaide Greek School has had a strong connection to the school and its community and even though many have moved on, the bond and love will always remain. That in itself is certainly rewarding enough for us all, here at Port Adelaide Greek Cultural School,” concludes Iliou. In the meantime, looking at the success and ‘modus operandi’ of this role-model school, one thing is certain; when all parties decide to work together towards a common goal, freed from personal agendas or self-interest, the result can be beneficial and rewarding for the entire community, at a time when ethnic schools are becoming something of an endangered species in a multicultural country like Australia. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

German citizen returns stolen Ancient Greek mosaics

first_imgThe Greek Embassy in Berlin received an unexpected and heavy parcel a few weeks ago, the sender was a German citizen.On opening the suspicious parcel, authorities and experts were met with a surprise, three fragments of ancient Greek mosaics stolen from Greece decades ago, as a note clarified.Two of the fragments were removed from the island of Delos in the Cyclades and the other one had been extracted from the Hadrian Liberality in Athens back in the 1960’s.All three mosaics were sent back to Greece on 10 October and were handed to the Antiquities Departments in Cyclades and Athens respectfully.According to a first examination by pharmacologists the two mosaics from Delos, had most likely been detached from the floor of a Hellenistic house dating back to 323 – 31 BC and the pieces are measured between 7 x 8 cm.Meanwhile, the mosaic from Athens, a 10 x 9 cm piece has been removed from the floor of the four-story building which dates back to back to the fifth century AD. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Changement climatique la résistance des arbres testée dans lHérault

first_imgChangement climatique : la résistance des arbres testée dans l’Hérault France – Dans l’Hérault, près de Montpellier, des chercheurs du CNRS testent le réchauffement climatique “grandeur nature”, en étudiant les capacités de résistance et d’adaptation d’une forêt de chênes verts.D’après les prédictions du Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat (Giec), le sud de la France devrait être particulièrement affecté par la montée des températures. Depuis plusieurs années, des scientifiques du CNRS étudient la résistance et l’acclimatation du chêne vert, arbre dominant dans la forêt méditerranéenne, avec la baisse des précipitations prévue par les experts du climat.”Les scénarios climatiques pour la fin du siècle disent qu’il va y avoir une augmentation de la fréquence des sécheresses, et en zone méditerranéenne, il devrait pleuvoir 20 à 30% de moins”, rappelle l’ingénieur Jean-Marc Ourcival. Deux expériences d’interception de pluie ont donc été mises en place par les chercheurs. L’une, débutée en 2003, réduit de 30% la quantité de pluie qui arrose les parcelles de forêts, grâce à un système de gouttières. La seconde expérience consiste à simuler une sécheresse de 6 mois, en protégeant les arbres de la pluie avec un toit mobile. À lire aussiQui est Greta Thunberg, proposée pour un prix Nobel à seulement 16 ans ?La santé des chênes est surveillée par les scientifiques grâce à une tour de flux, qui mesure la quantité de CO2 captée et rejetée par les arbres. Et pour l’instant, les résultats sont aussi surprenants que positifs, puisque les chênes semblent plutôt bien s’adapter aux restrictions d’eau qui leur ont été imposées. Les chênes verts “résistent très, très bien” assure Jean-Marc Ourcival. Et d’expliquer : “On aurait pu s’imaginer qu’avec six mois sans pluie, une partie de la forêt allait crever. En fait, rien ne meurt. Et l’année suivante, tout revient à la normale”.Les deux expériences n’ont révélé aucune modification de la croissance des chênes, juste une légère diminution du nombre de feuilles. Mais “ce n’est pas parce qu’en apparence il ne se passe rien, qu’il ne se passe vraiment rien”, tient à souligner Richard Joffre, chercheur au CNRS.D’autres expériences grandeur nature sont prévues. A Montpellier, au sein de l’Ecotron, la nouvelle plate-forme de recherche du CNRS qui sera inaugurée en octobre prochain, des portions de prairies sont déjà testées sous des dômes. Les prairies sont soumises à une augmentation de température de 2°C et une hausse de la concentration de CO2, afin d’étudier l’impact que pourrait avoir le réchauffement climatique, et les réactions de l’écosystème. Le 24 mai 2010 à 15:33 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Samsung bientôt une tablette Galaxy S

first_imgSamsung : bientôt une tablette Galaxy S ?Selon, l’un de nos blogs partenaires, Samsung pourrait bientôt sortir un “Galaxy S géant”. Une nouvelle tablette internet synonyme de concurrence accrue pour l’iPad d’Apple.Devant le fort succès de l’iPad d’Apple, désormais écoulé à plus de 2 millions d’exemplaires et basé sur le concept d’un iPhone géant, Samsung pourrait bien reprendre l’idée de la firme à la pomme. Le Coréen aurait conçu une tablette ressemblant à un Galaxy S géant : le Samsung Tab ou Samsung Tape.Celui-ci fonctionnerait sous Android 2.2 Froyo et serait équipé d’un écran 7 pouces (contre 9,8 pour l’iPad), d’un processeur Samsung A8 de 1,2 Ghz, d’un écran Super-AMOLED (beaucoup moins gourmand en énergie que les écrans IPS), d’une mémoire interne de 16 Go, d’un port micro-SDHC, et d’une batterie de 4000 mAh. Le Samsung Tab bénéficierait également d’une caméra frontale qui manque cruellement à l’iPad.Alors, un futur concurrent de l’iPad ? Cela reste à confirmer.Le 17 juin 2010 à 10:58 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Près dun milliard deuros pour lattribution des licences mobiles 4G

first_imgPrès d’un milliard d’euros pour l’attribution des licences mobiles 4GLes quatres opérateurs téléphoniques ont décroché leur licence pour l’utilisation des fréquences de téléphonie mobile de quatrième génération.Pour l’Etat, c’est un bien joli pactole que viennent de lui offrir les opérateurs téléphoniques. Jeudi, quatre d’entre eux, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom et Free, ont ainsi décroché leur licence pour exploiter les fréquences de téléphonie mobile de quatrième génération (4G), le tout pour près d’un milliard d’euros. Quatorze lots de fréquences sur la bande 2,6 mégahertz ont ainsi été attribués par l’Arcep. Des fréquences “hautes”, principalement réservées aux zones urbaines, qui avaient mises à prix 700 millions d’euros et qui en ont rapportées 936 millions d’euros, explique l’AFP. À lire aussiInternet mobile : Bouygues Telecom ouvre totalement les usages de ses forfaits”Ce montant est nettement supérieur au prix de réserve. Cet appel à candidatures est un succès pour le gouvernement et la procédure a atteint ses objectifs”, s’est félicité le ministre de l’Industrie Eric Besson. Les lots de fréquences “basses”, pour les zones rurales, seront l’objet d’un second round le 15 décembre pour un prix plancher de 1,8 milliard d’euros. Les fréquences attribuées jeudi le sont pour une durée de 20 ans. Dans le détail, c’est Orange qui a dépensé le plus, 287 millions d’euros, pour une quantité de fréquences 20 mégahertz. L’opérateur historique devance Free, 271 millions d’euros pour 20 mégahertz également. SFR décroche pour sa part 15 mégahertz, pour 150 millions d’euros, alors que Bouygues Telecom obtient 15 mégahertz pour 228 millions d’euros. Le 23 septembre 2011 à 13:51 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

MasterCard et Intel sassocient pour démocratiser le paiement NFC

first_imgMasterCard et Intel s’associent pour démocratiser le paiement NFCMasterCard s’associe avec le géant de l’informatique Intel pour définir un modèle sécurisé et viable du paiement par la technologie sans contact NFC.Bientôt la fin des cartes à puces? Le projet semble prendre de plus en plus d’ampleur au fil des mois, tant par l’adoption de la technologie de radio-identification sans contact NFC par les plus gros constructeurs de téléphones, que par les développements lancés dans les entreprises. Un nouveau jalon vient d’être posé par ce partenariat entre d’un côté MasterCard et Intel de l’autre, rapporte TechCrunch.Les deux entreprises vont travailler main dans la main pour concevoir une stratégie de paiement cohérente, facile d’accès pour l’utilisateur et sécurisée. MasterCard a déjà une solution de paiement en ligne, baptisée PayPass, qui permet de réaliser une transaction. Intel va apporter ses puces embarquant une technologie de cryptage appelée Identity Protection Technology. Celle ci demande à l’utilisateur, s’il souhaite effectuer un paiement sur un site d’e-commerce, renseigner son mot de passe utilisateur et une clé de sécurité donnée par l’ordinateur.Les prochains Ultrabook, ces modèles d’ordinateurs très fins, seront pourvus de cette technologie, ainsi que des prochains modèles de smartphones. Il sera donc possible d’un simple tapotement de régler un commerçant sans besoin de transmettre ses coordonnées bancaires. À lire aussiIntel présente sa gamme Ivy Bridge Bien sur, la suite logique serait l’adoption de ce système dans les grandes enseignes ou chez les petites boutiques, ce qui permettrait aux smartphones de remplacer les cartes bancaires. Seulement, si l’idée est séduisante pour un certain nombre de clients, l’adoption d’un tel système peut prendre du temps. Il faudrait pour cela ré-équiper le parc entier de magasins et faire que l’usage d’un tel procédé soit majoritaire chez les clients. Or la grande partie de la population ne possède pas d’appareils compatibles. Bref, cette infrastructure très lourde et couteuse à mettre en place pour le moment semble toutefois avec ce partenariat important être le futur de la transaction dans les années à venir. Le 15 novembre 2011 à 10:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more